Curley Street

A pole-vaulting Giraffe named Shanmugam.

An over eager burp who emphatically applauds your performance. Wolf whistles et all.

A cup of Earl Grey tea who secretly enjoys strutting his stuff in a pink tutu.

A toothbrush who screams bloody murder in your mouth.

A slice of bread who only sings reggae with a Bengali accent.

That uppity mirror who loves to shout “Get out of my face” when she sees my face.

Your dog who yells out ‘DeeeeeJaaaay Khalid’ every time you pass by.

That flamboyant yawn who adds a sick beat to every performance.

My Hawaii chappal that wishes it was a Kerala Chappal.

An egg puff that had kids only so that they would call him Puff Daddy.

We love our parallel Universes at Curley Street. ‘ Award winning Bangalore based Film Production House’ is how you might find us in this Universe but in a parallel one that could read ‘Thangappan and Chakkapan’s Tea Stall, corner of nowhere and some time’. Drop in anytime.