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Rooting for Roona

Rooting for Roona is an award-winning Netflix Documentary Film that fights for the health of the Indian child and captures the incredible story of baby Roona Begum. Tucked away in a neglected corner of the North East of India, Roona suffered from Hydrocephalus, a birth defect caused by a build-up of fluid in the brain leading to massive swelling of the head.


Amidst the beaches and by-lanes of Chennai, India, Indelible discovers the indomitable spirit of seven people and their families, bound together by an extra chromosome. Archana, Ashwin, Arti, Babli, Manimeghalai, Revathi, and Sandhya invite us into their homes and hearts to witness everything that text books and Wikipedia left out: what are people with Downs syndrome really like? At its heart, Indelible is a story about hope and a tribute to the indestructible human spirit.

Spelling the Dream

Spelling the Dream is a Netflix documentary that follows the chronicles of Akash Vukoti, Tejas Muthusamy, Ashrita Gandhari and Shourav Dasari as they compete to achieve victory in the iconic spelling bee tournament.This captivating film delves into their riveting journey, encompassing triumphs and tribulations, as they passionately pursue the realization of their dreams.

Two Feet to Fly

Two Feet to Fly weaves the true accounts of how six amateur runners from India broke free from their shackles by tapping into the inimitable power of marathon running. The documentary film celebrates the irrepressible urge of the human spirit to push forward against all odds.


This is the story of Susan, a lively, outspoken and aspiring film star. Her childhood was haunted by the cruel shadows of the flesh trade, and we witness her share her fatigue from those challenging times. However, with unyielding determination, she strives to reclaim her life and embrace a brighter, empowering future.


Devi is an intimate and powerful tale of a brave, resilient, and stunning young girl, who triumphantly transforms from a vulnerable victim to a determined survivor of child sex trafficking. This down-to-earth film touches your soul, immersing you in her journey of strength and hope.


Khushboo follows the story of Khushboo Welfare Society, a community build to find support for children of special needs and their loved ones. This documentary is an intimate and heartfelt glimpse into the unbreakable bonds forged through shared experiences, unveiling the true essence of a compassionate and empowering community. Witness the strength of love and unity that transcends challenges, offering solace and hope.


This heartwarming film follows the dedicated work of Aishwarya Trust, a foundation that is committed to alleviating congenital heart disease (CHD) in children from vulnerable backgrounds in India. The Trust helps screen populations to identify such children and then funds their treatment. In three years, they have sponsored close to 300 heart surgeries. Follow their inspiring journey through the eyes of these awe-inspiring children that are undergoing or completing treatment.

The Antiquarian

The Antiquarian is a non-fiction short tfilm hat provides a glimpse into the world of ‘Balaji’s Antiques and Collectibles’ – one of Bangalore’s oldest antiquarians. Stepping into this treasure chest feels like stepping through a portal into another dimension. We might not have figured out time-travel yet, but this comes pretty close.


Bravery. Humility. Strength. That’s what true warriors are made of. In this non-fiction short film, we catch a glimpse into the community of wrestlers in Bangalore’s oldest akharav (training arena). Their dedication and strength shines through as we peek into the world of these real-life warriors.


Maanasi paints a beautiful picture of the changing face in women’s mental health in rural southern India. Embark on a poignant journey with three remarkable women, witnessing their transformative path to recovery. This powerful film sheds a radiant light on the groundbreaking project “Maanasi,” which is uplifting the lives of countless women in hundreds of Indian villages.

Kashirampara Chronicles

Embark on an extraordinary journey with “Chasing Stars,” a compelling two-part documentary by The Akshaya Patra Foundation. “Kashirampara Chronicles” unveils the lives and dreams of the Reang tribe, focusing on the children studying at Great India Talent School (GITS) in Tripura. Witness their innocent aspirations to become doctors and teachers, reflecting the resilient innocence that personifies their remarkable spirit.

To Bangalore and Back

In this second part to the “Chasing Stars” documentary, witness the uplifting expedition as 19 talented students from Great India Talent School in Tripura’s Kashirampara embark on a transformative trip to Bangalore as part of the National Integration Project by the Great India Talent Foundation (GITF). From exploring HAL Aerospace Museum to Girias Children’s Explorium, the kids return home brimming with newfound inspiration and boundless potential.

Bystander 101

This informative video aims to raise awareness on how to react when witnessing violence of any sort against women. Dr. Divya Kannan breaks down Bystander Intervention, and just how important it is in helping the community you live in. Bystander Intervention is a violence prevention strategy that equips the community with information on how to respond when you witness a person in distress.

The Distraction Method

This video takes you on-ground and recreates a real-life scenario wherein a woman is being catcalled. This video is made to raise awareness about Bystander Intervention and how one can use the method of distraction to guide the inciter’s attention elsewhere.

Girl at the Bar

This video recreates a scenario where a drunk woman at a bar is being harassed by a group of men. It highlights three different ways in which a bystander can intervene in such an instance, and raises awareness about what to do according to your situation as well.

What Do You Stand For

In this thought-provoking video, powerful visuals of women looking directly at the camera urge viewers to take action against harassment. As a compelling voiceover urges against bystander passivity, poignant moments of silence prompt introspection. Witness the call for collective responsibility and a commitment to stand up against harassment.

Anaemia in Pregnancy | 1

Dive into the lives of a woman in rural India who is impacted by the lack of education around the way anaemia affects women during her pregnancy. This educational video aims to shed light on various misconceptions and perspectives through fictionalized conversations she has with the women around her while shining light on the truth behind this phenomenon.

Anaemia in Pregnancy | 2

A continuation of the previous video, we follow a conversation between several women as they discuss anemia in pregnancy and the side effects in can have on one’s mental and physical being. The conversation is thought-provoking and intimate, urging viewers to go the extra mile and recognise the effect it has on women in our community.

Anaemia in Pregnancy | Health Worker Film 1

This educational video provides an introduction to what anaemia is and explains its lack of recognition and awareness in the country. Through Dr. Deepthi’s words and captivating animated visuals, this video offers a comprehensive understanding to the phenomenon in this first video of the series.

Anaemia in Pregnancy | Health Worker Film 2

This educational video offers insight as to how anaemia can be detected early on in one’s pregnancy in order to take the right precautions and handle oneself in the safest way possible. Through Dr. Deepthi’s words and captivating animated visuals, this video offers a comprehensive understanding to the phenomenon of anemia in pregnancy in this second video of the series.

Anaemia in Pregnancy | Health Worker Film 3

This educational video explains the several classifications of anaemia and how one can manage each type. Through Dr. Deepthi’s words and captivating animated visuals, this video offers a comprehensive understanding of the types of anaemia in this third video of the series.

Anaemia in Pregnancy | Health Worker Film 4

This educational video dives into one of the most efficient means of managing anaemia, using IFA – or Iron and Folic Acid – tablets. Through Dr. Deepthi’s words and captivating animated visuals, this video offers a comprehensive understanding of how to manage the condition in this fourth video of the series.

Anaemia in Pregnancy | Health Worker Film 5

This educational video dives into another efficient means of managing anaemia, by keeping track of your diet and nutrition. Through Dr. Deepthi’s words and captivating animated visuals, this video offers a comprehensive understanding of how to manage the condition in this fifth video of the series.

Namma Jalmarga - Reflections

In this emotionally-charged PSA video, real-life footage vividly portrays the state of polluted waters in Bangalore. With a powerful call to action, it urges viewers to take a stand against water pollution. Witness the heartbreaking reality and join the movement to protect our precious waterways. Together, let’s make a difference for a cleaner, healthier planet.