Curley Street

Many years ago when I decided to form a company that would tell stories of hope and make films for good I was told by a friend of mine – name the company after someone you love, a street you grew up on, a constant in your life. For words will change their meaning over time but those deep loves never lose their magic. Curley Street is the road that housed my maternal grandmother and our family home. A person I loved more than life itself. A home I grew up in.

When I was born, that was the first house I was taken to. When I got married, that is the home I left. That house and that street stands for everything important in my life. And everything good.

And so Curley Street Media was born in 2012. With the promise of staying grounded, always choosing hope and the home to beautiful and true stories. It is a tribute to love.

We are Curley Street. Where films are made with love.