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What are Brand Films?

Think mini-movies for your brand.  Brand films tell captivating stories that connect with your audience on an emotional level. They’re more than just commercials; they showcase your brand’s values and mission.

Why Brand Films Work (in 5 Points!)

  1. Unforgettable Impact: Viewers retain 95% of a video message compared to just 10% of text. Brand films leave a lasting impression!
  2. Conversions Soar: Marketers see a 65% jump in conversion rates with video marketing. Brand films turn viewers into customers!
  3. Standing Out Online: In a world skipping commercials, brand films get shared 12x more than text/images. Go viral and reach a massive audience!
  4. Stronger Brand Recognition: Landing pages with brand films see an 80% increase in brand recall. Make your brand unforgettable!
  5. SEO Boost: Websites with videos rank higher in search results. Brand films improve your online visibility!

Get Your Brand Film Seen: Top Distribution Strategies

  • Attention Grabbing Trailers: Short, captivating trailers can hook viewers on social media, YouTube ads, or Google Display placements.
  • Website Showcase: Host your brand film on your website’s landing page or integrate it into various pages.
  • Social Media Sharing: Share your brand film directly on social media platforms to reach your target audience.
  • Contests & Awards: Submit your film to relevant competitions for wider exposure and potential PR opportunities.
  Bonus Tip:  A/B test your website with and without the brand film to see the impact on traffic and sales!

Ready to Make Your Brand Film? Film on a Budget!

The power of brand films is within reach!  Production teams can tailor films to your budget, big or small. Don’t be discouraged by fancy studios. Look for creative agencies and production houses known for creating impactful brand films that resonate with viewers, all without breaking the bank. Do your research and find the perfect partner to bring your brand story to life!